Dictionnaire de français TLFi App recensioner

Great and inexpensive

My daughter needed a French dictionary for school so I was looking for something we could use that was good and either free or low cost... This app fit the bill perfectly and is both fast and easy to use. The interface is attractive, intuitive and straightforward. The only drawback is it gets its extensive data from online - so can't be used offline as far as I know.

A great dictionary in a very good App

I am a native English speaker, but am fairly fluent in French. I find the dictionary accessed by this App to be excellent. It is clear, informative and rich. I prefer this dictionary to my Petit Robert. The App is also well done. I very much like that if you hold your finger down on a word in a definition, up pops a button for a search on that word. The history function is also quite useful. The App is responsive and quick, but it depends on having connectivity. If it were not for this (usually minor) drawback, Dictionnaire would easily be 5 stars in my book.

An attractive layout, rich in content

Very clear layout, very rich content, very easy to use. Start typing a word and a list appears so you can soon select the one you are looking for. Very rich in quotations using the defined words. You do have to be online to use it. An excellent all-French dictionary for anglophones who have had a lot of experience reading in French. It's fun to browse the content to improve one's French.

Excellent French-French dictionary!!!

Extremely good. I use this o get the same depth of info I would otherwise only get from a big 10lb dictionary. Have had it and relied on it for nearly a full year now. As good and better than the expensive dictionaries you can get. Buy it. No, I'm not affiliated and have no clue who makes it -- something I ten to wonder when I read good reviews. Also, the depth is good for a beginner or someone who is fluent and has studied the language and translates professionally, and wants to get even into the nuances of the language for communication or out of simple academic interest.

Dictionnaire De Backer app

Attractive interface; connection can be a bit slow depending on telephone service level. Doesn't adjust for even slight misspellings, so must be careful typist or you'll get "cette forme est introuvable". But otherwise, very satisfactory app and well worth the price, as well as being a lot lighter to carry than Le Petit Robert.

Great app but needs improving.

That app is excelent! I'am a great fan of its widget version, which gave me the certainty of its quality! But need some improving because the app takes too long to respond, what is very annoying!

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